Some variations of the logos that you find on the covers of our latest published books.

WLM Edizioni was born in June 2006 due to Walter Manzoni’s desire to express himself, to communicate with a world that seemed distant to him: on 10/1/2006 Walter Manzoni made his debut with the novel / diary Ricomincio per vivere. After this first adventure he decided to offer other authors / authors the opportunity to spread his works, immersing himself in the fascinating world of publishing. The acronym WLM indicates Walter Leyendecker Manzoni where the inclusion of the German surname is a tribute to his grandfather and to his mother, avid book readers. For the founder, the creation of a symbolic link with his second citizenship. It was the memory of maternal sermons, spurs to reading, and the example of grandfather and other relatives, as well as an effect of autosuggestion in bringing an illustrious Italian surname into the literary field, bringing him closer to a profession related to reading and writing. With no claim to publish works of recognized value, WLM engages in the production of varied books, for a heterogeneous audience of readers, divided into contemporary and historical fiction, novels and short stories, and cuisine. Unfortunately from 2016 it no longer publishes poetry. 2016 WLM Edizioni launches the Yellow Independent Award and in 2017 the Il Romanzo Storico Award. With our production we intend to enter the panorama of quality publishing, and become, over time, a point of reference for those who want to read beautiful books in Italian. To achieve this we engage in a research and experimentation activity, evaluating the numerous works that we receive from beginners and non authors. In terms of literary quality, the published texts are designed for the widest audience of readers. With our varied catalog we try to please both those who want to read a leisure book and those who prefer more demanding reading. Recently our authors have been awarded with literary prizes, awards for the quality of the published works.

We thank our readers, hoping that they will still take care of their attention and their consent.


  • Walter Manzoni


  • Andrea Gatti, graphic designer;
  • Antonio Conte, graphic designer.


  • Guglielmo Colombero, novelist, editor for several publishing houses;
  • Gianluca Polastri, novelist and poet, editor for several publishing houses;
  • Ezio Gavazzeni, novelist, editor for several publishing houses;
  • Maurizio Tessaro, lecturer;
  • Simone de Andreis, philosopher;
  • Michela Tafelli, philosopher, author.