CORPI DI CONFINE by Ezio Gavazzeni

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  • Cover: Doll, photographic work by Jacopo Zorzetto, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382225
  • Pages 524
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  • Gender: mistery/thriller
  • Environment: Pontoglio, Bergamo, Romano di Lombardy, Milan, Brescia, Verona, Nova Gorica, Istanbul, Athens
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CRITICAL PREMIO – INTERNATIONAL PREMIO LETTERARIO CITY OF CATTOLICA 2015 “For the wise alchemy used in weaving stories that embody the very essence of existence, giving sensations in dark light in a work with a strong emotional impact “.

He looked at her carefully, as if he were checking the outcome of a CT scan. ‘I wonder,’ he said, punctuating well, ‘if he really understood what he is going to do across the border?

The chronicle and the history of Italy hold up the plot of a thriller/noir complex and complete with characters that stay in the mind for a long time once the book is closed and leave a curious feeling of optical illusion. What is delirium of imagination and what reality of news? What is the figure and what is the background?

Bodies of Boundary is thus set in that endless theory of non-places that extends from the hinterland of Milan to Nova Gorica, passing through the territories of Bergamo, Brescia and Verona. The kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl, on her way back from the gym, by a cold character with marked traits, will kick off four stories that will weave along the book inextricably. Rada, a beautiful Caucasian girl, works in Italy, strips down to TV in exchange for salty phone bills. A friend of hers, who has remained in her homeland, has disappeared and the family contacts her to ask if she can look for her. The last clue led to Italy. Thus begins an investigation, which will involve another woman, a journalist from Verona. Giulia has dozens of human trafficking investigations behind her. Right now he is helping a colleague and friend, a Pakistani, who is coming to Italy. He wants to write a story “from within”, which is the impression of those who have traveled at the mercy of modern slaveholders. It carries a USB stick, which contains information about the organization that handles the traffic of desperate people, and how many lend themselves to it, for money. The research of Rada and Giulia will cross the Church of the sparkling and luminous way, a refined organization that has branches throughout Asia and that believes in the Second coming of the Messiah in the form of a Chinese woman… Some, meanwhile, in Italy are thinking that the entry of illegal immigrants is a phenomenon that pollutes and corrupts the traditions, but above all, the DNA of a nation. Identitariars, they call themselves, and gather around the far-right group Proxima Thule. To help them a character of age, a type who participated as a young man at the Conference at the hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome that historically gave way to the stragism in Italy. Knowing the hidden weapons depots of the “dissolved” Gladio organization, he will reveal to the “boys” of the Proxima Thule the secrets of the Solo Plan, the unconventional war and how to fight the enemy.

Ezio Gavazzeni
Ezio Gavazzeni. Degree in Social Service Sciences, master’s degree in management, postgraduate in Marketing Techniques. Eighteen years at the State University of Milan, where he published, with others, eleven scientific articles. In the past he has collaborated with the agencies Proget and News, regarding the correction drafts of books in necklaces such as Yellow Mondadori, Urania, etc., and weekly and monthly such as L’Europeo, Modern Woman, Capital, etc. In the 1990s with the Giuffré Publisher he was editor of the New Criminal Code and Administrative Law. With motta Editore he has edited periodicals such as Photo, Video, as well as the editorial of the Encyclopedia of International Literature and the Yearbook of Cinema. As curator and co-author, the guides Portugal and Madeira, Greece 2, Paris, Milan (Mondadori 1997) came out. He switched to fiction with the mistery Big Muff (WLM 2012) where he achieved some critical success in newspapers such as Libero and Il Gazzettino di Mantova. Corpi di confine (WLM 2014) is his second novel. Motel 309 (Eclipse 2015) is released.

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