BIG MUFF by Ezio Gavazzeni

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  • On the cover: Night Corner, photographic work by Alessandro Virgilio, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382065
  • Pages 480
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  • Environment: Milan, Brignano Gera d’Adda BG, Treviglio BG, Castelleone CR
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An intense noir set in Milan during a summer that gave way to thunderstorms.

“The statements of Prendiani show that, today as in the days of Tangentopoli, payments and payments of money had above all to ensure the support of the policy at the top of the company where trusted men were placed on the Boards of Directors. Unfortunately, it turns out that all the parties of the last decade have benefited from money and favours in general. With everyone, I say all from Left to Right. Then, as you know, Takeani was better than the others.”

A summer Milan, warm and punctuated by recurring thunderstorms, is the backdrop to this noir, Big Muff, the great speaker. A journalist happens to have a murder story. Workers hiding offshore accounts. Party officials who think about rigging contracts, handing out bribes, hiding electoral refunds in Switzerland and sending them to tax havens. Places where money dwells, but not men, who must stay here to defend them and try to anger others. The unexpected encounter with a Chinese girl who looks like a polite holly Hobbie figurine. The afterlife looming above all else with the dead trying to communicate with the living… Big Muff, thus becomes an unexpected journey into a rain-soaked Milan and beautiful as a youthful love, which hides painful stories with the well-behaved modesty of the bourgeois ladies of yeslrace.

Ezio Gavazzeni

Ezio Gavazzeni. Degree in Social Service Sciences, master’s degree in management, postgraduate in Marketing Techniques. Eighteen years at the State University of Milan, where he published, with others, eleven scientific articles. Thirty years of experience in publishing in Agencies and prestigious publishing houses. In the past he has collaborated with the best milanese agencies, Proget and News, regarding the correction of drafts of books, weekly and monthly of great circulation, among the many Economic World, The European, Modern Woman, Elle, Capital etc. Books of the yellow necklaces Mondadori, Urania, Segretissimo, The Novels and Best Seller. Long collaboration during the 1990s with the Giuffré Publisher for the drafting of the New Criminal Code and the volume of administrative law, as well as the constant curation of the legal review on copyright. With motta Editore he has edited periodicals such as Photo, Video and important house organ, as well as the editorial of the Encyclopedia of International Literature and the Yearbook of Cinema. Long collaboration with EdiPress types for writing texts about the web, comics, current affairs and market research.  He also edited travel guides for the Arnoldo Mondadori Publisher, tying his name to the 1997 edition of Portugal and Madeira, Greece 2, Paris, Milan (also in English edition). During the 2000s he helped write the house organ of the airline TuiFly. Big Muff (WLM 2012) is his first work of fiction. Corpi di confine (WLM 2014) is his second novel noir/thriller, Critics’ Award – 2015 City of Cattolica Award. Moltel 309 (Eclipse 2015) was released.

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