NATA FARFALLA by Serena Piccoli

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  • Genre: poetry
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Immersed in a bucolic universe composed of fields of wheat, fruit trees, poplars, cypresses and small animals such as woodpeckers, swallows, frogs and cormorants and fish that appear and disappear fast, the poetess paints the quiet that surrounds her, a serene quiet and faithful who is soon destined to be overthrown by the lashes of that wind, by the waves that shake and cross the body leaving it stunned, but renewed. They seem to come from another time, and from another geography, these poems written by a young Paduan poet who transfigures everyday life into myth and wonder … Reading it is impossible not to find the brightness of the ancient Greek love poem, the colors and scents of a nature that prevails over everything and reflects the poet’s inner. Piccoli’s poetry recalls the need to cherish precious love and to welcome its infinite forms and beauties, unpredictable, often hidden and invisible to non-patient eyes. Foreword by Rosaria Ruffini

Serena Piccoli

Serena Piccoli, born in Padua, poet and playwright, writes ironic theatrical texts especially on gender issues that she brings to the stage with her own company La Betonica. She is co-author of the radio drama Estman Radiosulla life of the ex-workers of Marghera, work presented at the Biennale Arte 2011 in Venice and of the opera After Romeo after Juliet on stage in November 2012 at the Teatro Due in Parma under the direction of Massimiliano Farau.

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