L’AMORE, NATURALMENTE! by Alessandro Pola

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  • Genre: poetry
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After years of torment, having carefully concealed their moods, the Pola managed to develop an awareness of itself, of its desires, learning to make public a feeling, that of love for people of the same sex, which he found to be substantially identical to that experienced by the heterosexual majority. The unconditional affection for the mother, on the model of the more classical Freudian speculation, pushed him for a long time to find a balance between the desire to exist and the fear of losing his most solid support, in a society ill-disposed to grant him the space needed to live.

In what dances
knot intentions,
in what rhythms
I chase your perfume:
an epidermal flash
awakens emotion,
circumflex accents
they talk about your origins,
commas open gates
glimpsed in the fog.
(I still ask about us
to a motionless monument
while the square sparkles
one morning just curled up)
Alessandro Pola
Born in Ovada on 25 August 1967, he graduated in Literature from the University of Genoa. In 1988 he published the first collection of poems entitled Fragments of Time. Between 1992 and 1993 he collaborated with Novi Ligure with the group Parole e cose by Gianni Caccia and Mauro Ferrari and some of his unpublished lyrics will be included in the magazine Clessidra. In 1993 he made his first foray into the theatrical world with the writing of the monologue Above all for the actor Jurij Ferrini and, in the same year, he joined the Ovadese theater company of La soffitta. After completing university, he began working with the literary magazines Urbs, from the Urbense Academy, and the Ancora. In 1996 he made his debut as an actor in the opera Henry V by William Sheakespeare. In 1998 he collaborated with Strevi’s The Ostrich Company with which he made Isabella, three caravels and a hunter from Dario Fo. In 2001 he took part in the writing of the text Favola for the Genoese company L’uovo del gallo. In 2005 he returned to acting, but in a short film by Paolo Baschiera entitled La madre di se stessa. His true passion, however, remains poetry and after meeting with Sandro Gros Pietro the works Legami (Genesi 1997) and Tessere blu (Genesi 1997) are born. The real breakthrough in his literary activity is accomplished with joining the Ganimedia Project, which leads him to the publication of the short collection Lampi, rose e fingers for a bristly boy (2006). Following is the poetic collection L’Amore, naturalmente! (WLM 2008). Some of his verses will also be included in the anthology of gay and lesbian poetry Cuori smascherati (Ananke 2006) and Il volo di Ganimedia (WLM 2009). On several occasions he has also dealt with criticism, with speeches focused on the works of Alessandra Boresi, Emma Caratti, Francesco D’Agosto and Roberto Vago. He currently lives and works in Acqui Terme in the province of Alessandria.
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