IL VOLO DI GANIMEDIA. FESTINALENTE to care of Gianluca Polastri

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  • Genre: poetic anthology, poetry, songs, theater
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Within the Ganimedia project the new anthology of FestinaLente poetry is born. The first volume of the anthology, takes the name of Il volo di Ganimedia and collects several notebooks of male poetry, 16 authors and some interviews with well-known poets and exponents of contemporary culture.

The anthology, fruit of the collaboration between WLM EDIZIONI and the Sandro Penna Foundation of Turin, is realized by the poet and writer Gianluca Polastri: a project, of its kind, unique in Italy.
Poets index: Vittorio Simonini, Alessandro Pola, Andrea Varca, Raffaele Sciacoviello, Michele Altomonte, Gianluca Polastri, Paolo Cecchini, Ilija D’Imprima, Dario Janese, Andrea Aste, Emanuele Maspoli, Nino Nemo, Gandolfo Cascio, Luca Baldoni, Marco Simonelli Piero Spina.
Gianluca Polastri interviews Giancarlo Albisola Albertalli;
Raffaele Sciacoviello interviews Gian Piero Bona;
Michele Altomonte interviews Elio Pecora;
Paolo Cecchini interviews Maurizio Gregorini;
Gianluca Polastri interviews Fabio Casadei Turroni.
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