ANTOLOGIA DELL’ASSENZA by Alessandro Marconetti

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  • On the cover: detail of the Nazzarena engraving by Andrea Varca.
  • ISBN: 9788890476846
  • Pages 104
  • Cover price: € 10.00
  • Genre: poetry


Halfway between lyric tension and narrative development, the poems of Alessandro Marconetti express the discomfort for an imperfect reality, in which personal feelings never meet, the most satisfying sensations never belong to the present and the actions are a modest bargaining chips, incapable of opening new, more human and engaging worlds; from the thousand facets of characters sketched with dry and laconic language, we come to share a world in which everyone looks for personal satisfaction, which is rarely included in the reasons of others. Love, however, is not a bargaining chip, nor can it be relegated to the emotion of a second.

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