SOGGETTI SMARRITI by Alessandro Dell’Orto

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“Man’s greatest discovery was not the moon but the language.” Tito Stagno

Indro Montanelli said, taking up the concept of Leo Longanesi, who took up the concept of who knows who, that the interviews are a stolen article. Which shows that even the greatest fail. […] The interview is not a stolen article but an article, and sublime, given to the reader and also to the interviewee. Provided that it is made with the ingredients essential to the beauty of the world, whether we are talking about a soup or a picture, a palace or a vase of geraniums: with curiosity, passion, intelligence, a little talent and a lot, so much effort.

Alessandro Dell’Orto counts a lot for me, it is better to clarify it immediately. He was my classmate in fourth grade, thirty-one years ago. He was my colleague at the beginning, at “Bergamo-Oggi”, over two decades ago. […] When he began his interviews on Libero, first to sportsmen, then to lost subjects, I observed him in the preparation phase. […] A long phase, the worst. Because it’s like looking for the golden vein. No one knows where to put his hands, where to bang his head. Alessandro left […] with that platinum plating that is the spirit of the pioneer, of those who are already enthusiastic about what they will discover, why something will be discovered, although they still don’t know what. With these assumptions he brought out the unthinkable. He returned to the office with the decisive enthusiasm of a child, because the interviewee […] interviewed with Alessandro, […] told the never told, found the courage forgotten to resurrect the bitterness or buried joy, to deliver the lightning to the stranger never even delivered to himself. What they steal, these interviews, is only a little time, returned in the form of a breath of life. Mattia Feltri

Alessandro Dell’Orto

Alessandro Dell’Orto was born in Crema (Cremona) on December 5, 1968, but is from Verdello from Bergamo. He began writing in Cremona (Mondo Padano), then in “Bergamo Oggi” specializing in sports, especially football, following the events of Atalanta for five seasons. Professional since 1996, he works at the “Gazzetta di Parma” and is one of the founders of the “Nuovo Giornale di Bergamo”, where he is head of sport. After some brief experiences at the “Gazzetta di Lecco”, 1999, and “Avvenire”, 2000, he was hired on a permanent basis at “Libero” in August 2000, where six months later he became head of sports. Since 2006 he has been sent. Per Libero made 100 interviews portraits of missing players and over 200 for the “Lost Subjects” column. Alessandro Dell’Orto has been a lecturer at the University of Pavia, CIM Faculty, where he holds the course “Journalism languages”, in addition to collaborating with lessons in various other interdisciplinary fields. In Milan he collaborates with the State University and the School of Journalism Walter Tobagi.

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