KAIKI by Arianna Amaducci

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  • On the cover: detail of Galoppi, oil on canvas by Arianna Amaducci, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788890476839
  • Pages: 140
  • Language: Italian
  • Cover price: € 14.00
  • Genre: female themed stories
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After the heart-rending emotional catharsis emanating from the pages of I am not from here, Arianna Amaducci continues the itinerary inaugurated a year ago, channeling her poetic and figurative inspiration towards more mature and complete expressive forms. Kaiki is a bold and eclectic narrative experiment, which unfolds through the intermundia of a metastorical and also metatemporal dimension: we pass from the evocation of other lives of the past (the French lieutenant in the Indochina of the ’50s and the commander of an English vessel during the Spanish Succession war of the 1700s) in the opening chapter, Eros and Tanathos, to fragments of memories of Arianna’s childhood, adolescence and youth (in the three central chapters, Portraits of women, Io, Arianna and L ‘ natural absolute), up to the chronicles of an imaginary future and the visions of an otherworldly existence (Infinity and beyond).

Arianna Amaducci

Arianna Amaducci is a multi-purpose artist: she devotes herself to painting, poetry and fiction. He debuted with the autobiographical novel Io non sono di qui (WLM 2009). With Kaiki (WLM 2010) he continues his literary journey drawing on new ideas from his personal stories, evoked with his usual poignant emotional intensity, but is also projected into suggestive excursions into the past and into visions of the future.

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