IO NON SONO DI QUI by Arianna Amaducci

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  • On the cover: detail of Lightness, oil on canvas by Arianna Amaducci, private collection
  • ISBN: 9788890476808
  • Pages: 268
  • Language: Italian
  • Cover price: € 15.00
  • Genre: introspection novel
  • Setting: Romagna
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Moments that slip away. Moments of my life that I am a fire that consumes my breaths and dreams, that burns dry tears to sleepless eyes.

Her skin vibrates in my dried veins like a dry snap of wind that marks an elongated time of agonies. I live with sharp and silent screams that scratch the ocean until it reaches the pits.

Arianna Amaducci leads us into a labyrinth of often conflicting emotions, along the harsh paths of solitude and pain, but she also knows how to give us the thrills of tenderness and passion, crystallizing them in the amber drops of memories that are never extinguished. His is an incessant inner nomadism: pursuing happiness and touching it without ever reaching it, like a mad dragonfly that flies out of your fingers. Hold on to life with your teeth, even when a frightening mental emptiness is filled only with the desire to end it, and tame the invisible beast that tries to devour you from within. And look for the past roots of a deep uneasiness in the never healed wound of the premature death of the father, in the daily trickle of humiliations inflicted on a hypersensitive child by an oppressive mother, in the innocence profaned by lascivious caresses born from the penumbra saturated with incense confessional … Feeling that you do not belong to an arid and hostile world contaminated by the impossibility of loving, and yet continue to dream of taking flight again, like a wounded swallow that spreads its wings again.

Arianna Amaducci

Arianna Amaducci is a multi-purpose artist: she devotes herself to painting, poetry and fiction. He debuted with the autobiographical novel Io non sono di qui (WLM 2009). With Kaiki (WLM 2010) he continues his literary journey drawing on new ideas from his personal stories, evoked with his usual poignant emotional intensity, but is also projected into suggestive excursions into the past and into visions of the future.

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