IL RESPIRO DELLA NOTTE by Francesca Melloni

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  • ISBN: 9788890476822
  • Pages: 176
  • Language: Italian
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  • Genre: urban fantasy / Japanese manga
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<< Michele observed, his very light hair, his milky skin, his tough expression, like a bad child. It was the face of an angel. A fallen angel. Lucifer, the most beautiful angel of all, the brightest and the darkest >>. Matteo is a nocturnal creature, a typically punk boy in appearance and attends a place that, not surprisingly, is called Inferno.  Music is the amalgam that holds together so many remote islands in the dark sea of the night: << The group was the most important thing they had, even more than the pub. When they were on stage and playing, they felt different, better than they felt for the rest of the time. Giacomo, the leader, the most ostentatious of the four, accustomed to always be in spite of himself at the center of attention, retreated behind the large battery, disappearing almost completely from public view. For an hour he could relax, forget his responsibilities and think only of tapping his wands against the boxes. Lorenzo, always shy and reserved, let loose, wielding the bass like a weapon, forcing him to beat like a heart, now as slow as that of a dying man, now as fast as that of a lover. Michele and Matteo, with guitars, forgot their mutual hatred and looked at each other to keep time, urging each other. Smiling evenly >>.  Matteo wears a make-up on the eyes that darkens the look and unravels at the first light of dawn, has crested hair, and worn amphibians. But under his gaze, only apparently cynical and amoral, a wounded angel reclines his head and sinks into death, because his love is not reciprocated and instead Michele, his blond and Luciferian alter ego, cannot or will not accept the love that Matteo would be ready to offer him with all of himself … Then, like magic, everything changes, and the hyperbole of the senses breaks down every obstacle, every inhibition. Innumerable damp and dirty nights had breathed their pungent breath into his skin, penetrating his bones and soul, but now Matteo has learned to breathe the fresh air of those nights.

Francesca Melloni
Francesca Melloni was born in Milan in 1969, and lives in a small town in the province of Bergamo. She has a diploma in Tourism and works as a clerk. His passions are the arthouse cinema (Kubrick and Tim Burton above all), the Fantasy (Tolkien and M. Z. Bradley), the music and the manga genres yaoi like Kizuna and Love Mode. Il respiro della notte marks his debut in the narrative.
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