AMORI URBANI by Massimo Battaglio

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  • On the cover: Piazza Castello by Massimo Battaglio, watercolor, private collection.
  • Inside: illustrations by Massimo Battaglio
  • ISBN: 9788897382058
  • Pages: 192
  • Language: Italian
  • Cover price: € 14.00
  • Genre: short novels with historical notes and architectural details of Turin
  • Setting: Turin
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Punctual as a watch, the chaperone materialized: a handsome boy in his thirties, slender and smiling, dark gray trousers and shirt, short hair a little disheveled, silver ring on his left thumb. He greeted politely; he took out of his pockets a sheet folded into four parts; opened it and made the appeal. “We all said we can start. Welcome to the discovery of magical Turin … ” 

10 loves are born in Turin. Their protagonists have ages, tastes, cultures, religions, political opinions, social affiliations, and different sexual orientations. A variety that is well suited to a living and multicultural metropolis. But all express their “torinesità”. 
The stories, told with linear development in their natural evolution, are actually the declared pretext to go and browse among the inimitable scenographies offered by a city that has written numerous pages of history. With these exceptional backgrounds, the story of Madama Reale, like that of the penniless student, takes on a peculiar character and becomes one with the context in which they are expressed. 
A bit collected, a bit of a tour guide, in Urban love every place is commented on by a specific footnote, to allow the reader to go and see the backgrounds of the stories just read up close. To enrich the collection there are 40 pen drawings by the author, who in life is first and foremost a talented architect.
The work closes with a “Christmas lunch”, an occasion for an excursion in the Turin kitchen, of which 50 recipes are described.
Massimo Battaglio

Massimo Battaglio was born in Turin in 1965. He studied architecture in Turin where he graduated in 1992. He lives and works at Mirafiori, alternating writing with professional activity. From 1996 to 2010 he collaborated with the Q12 periodical, Spontaneous Neighborhood Committees Journal. He has published monographs on historic buildings in Piedmont including: I Muri della Misericordia / the Confraternity of San Giovanni Decollato in Racconigi (Ed. Brotherhood of the Blessed Catterina 1993); Confronting Antonelli / Idee for the Rotonda Antonelliana of Castellamonte (Lions Club Alto Canavese 1994); The Last Vittone / The Bell Tower of Montanaro / New Reliefs and Archive Sources (Litoart 2000); The Church of the Redeemer in Turin (Ed. Parrocchia Gesù Redentore 2007). Amori urbani (WLM 2011) is his first work of fiction, but also a mix between narrative and tourist guide.

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