PETRA RUBEA by Pio Bianchini

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  • On the cover: photo processing by Pio Bianchini, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382256
  • Pages: 322
  • Cover Price : 19.00
  • Language: Italian
  • Gender: medieval historical novel
  • Environment: Montefeltro and Romagna, Pietrarubbia PU, Urbino, Cesena, Secchiano di Novafeltria (RN), Montescudo (RN)
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“What do you want? Give me the pass!” The tone was that of the one who used to command to be obeyed. The giant didn’t move a hair. Indeed, he seemed to sneer satisfied. It was an unusual attitude. Then Malatesta realized: from the darkness came out of the darkness other men, brandishing short swords and long knives. Marino smiled. “Please, my lord, come on!” With a mocking bow he stepped aside. But the road was now occupied by the others. Turning and running would be his end… Montefeltro and Romagna, in the 13th century, are the scene of countless battles between guelphs and ghibellini. Standing at the head of the two warring factions, according to the conveniences of the moment, for prestige and gain, the noble houses of Montefeltro and the Malatestis rivaled each other. In 1285, Count Guido of Montefeltro, head of the Ghibellino party, lord of Urbino and captain of the people in Forlì and Faenza, is forced to surrender to the Guelph army and, after handing two children hostage to Pope Onorio IV, is confined to Chioggia. In the summer of 1289, Count Corrado of Pietrarubbia, belonging to a cadet branch of the Montefeltro, occupied Urbino, driving out the Marlasti-allied Guelphs from the city and recalling the exiles. This gripping novel, set with great historical fidelity, reports some documented events, such as the ambush of Cesena, where the men of Corrado di Pietrarubbia attack the life of Malatesta da Verucchio, future lord of Rimini, and the treaty Montescudo’s alliance, which Taddeus of Pietrarubbia later entered into with the arch-enemy. It is in this historical context that Pio Bianchini inserts his account of the people scares of Petra Rubea, the Latin name of Pietrarubbia. The ancient and crumbling manor of Monte San Lorenzo is run by Bonzio, a trusty vassal of the brothers Corrado and Taddeo. Alvisio and Fraudolente, shady figures in the pay of Count Corrado, they rage, both in peace and in war, committing heinous brutalities and causing radical changes to the delicate and unstable balancebetween the different political factions…

Pio Bianchini

Pio Bianchini was born in Bologna in 1957. After high school, he left university with a few exams from his law degree and became an entrepreneur in real estate. Romagnolo and a great lover of trekking and mountain biking, he studies the history of the places he visits and the genealogy of the families who have inhabited them. He discovers ancient, compelling and forgotten events. He published in 2012 La leggenda di Ca’ Battaglia (The Legend of Ca’ Battaglia), which participated in the literary awards City of Catholic and Montefiore, where he received a Mention of Merit and a Prize. The historical novel Petra Rubea (WLM 2015) is her second work.

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