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  • On the cover: Skeletal leaps, graphic work by Alessandro Poma, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382379
  • Pages: 284
  • Cover price: € 19.00
  • Genre: science fiction
  • Setting: Turin
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The individual who will completely conform to the society in which he lives will be a happy individual as his expectations will always be met.

In the Turin of the near future, dominated by a conformism not only advised but almost imposed, Commissioner Vera Clot is charged with a delicate investigation, following the disappearance of a professional who has ties with the government. In a depressing social and economic scenario, various antagonistic political groups operate which find reason and inspiration for bitter clashes. The protagonist, helped by an inspector, her friend Jessica, and a student of theology, Ugo, over a few days will have to solve a series of puzzles to unravel a twisted story that winds between a forgotten past and a present at took with him unsolved energy and environmental problems. The reader will be transported on a fantastic journey, ideally touching some of the most fascinating and well-known artistic sites of the city and its surroundings. The final, absolutely unpredictable, will be a source of reflection.

Mauro Poma

Mauro Poma was born in 1960. Married and with two children he lives in Turin and works in an engineering industry in the first belt of the city. In 2006 he received a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. A lover of gardening, reading and writing, he writes texts for the theater in his spare time. Since the 90s he has been participating with unpublished stories and novels in literary competitions, often in the field of science fiction literature, of which he is sometimes a finalist. The grass of the Vandals (WLM 2018) is his first published novel.

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