A THING IN CASE by Fabio Riglietti

  • On the cover: La mia libertà, photographic work by Fabio Riglietti, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382218
  • Pages: 158
  • Cover price: € 15.90
  • Genre: costume novel
  • Setting: Milan
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"Bruno … I didn't understand …" Manuel whispers uncertainly. "In the sense that we must always discover and learn new things, be curious, never tire of asking questions and receiving ..." "Ah yes, yes!" He agrees, and smiling, he adds: "Mom is curious too, you know? He always asks me a lot of things! »Fabio Riglietti paints in this novel the fresco of a popular and frenetic Milan, in which, however, there is a character outside the box, Bruno, the protagonist of the novel, a Don Quixote who fights against damage of a certain "modernity". Bruno traces his story through the objects that people have entrusted to him so that they have new life, a path that sees him as an apprentice in the shop of his grandfather, then of his father, a reality that in the years of his growth as he transforms himself, as he transforms himself the Milanese suburb where he lives and works. Bruno is a forerunner of a change that sees the return, perhaps only partial and temporary, to a more conscious consumption, which does not include the formula of the "disposable". Each object has its own peculiar history and therefore does not deserve to be lost, it must be given a second chance. Through the stories of our protagonist, Fabio Riglietti reveals to us how, around us if not exactly "behind our backs", things happen that, even if absolutely banal and of which we are totally unaware, can sometimes irretrievably divert the course of our life.

Fabio Riglietti

Fabio Riglietti was born in Milan on 9 March 1967. From a very young age he wrote the lyrics for his friends' songs, he went on to form some Pop-Rap style bands, then he founded a group called "lazy Red", but this time writing and singing in English and working for the first time of the arrangements. In 2012 an album entitled Follow the arrow published by Pirames International was republished. Among the most interesting songs Move on and A give! In 2009 he published We wanted to be just songs (but call them if you can also poems) a collection of song lyrics. From October 2009 he became a member of the Poetry Society of London. A Thing A Case (WLM 2014) is his first novel.

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