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  • On the cover: On a winding road, a photographic work by Thérèse De Laurie, a private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382386
  • Pages: 178
  • Language: Italian
  • Cover Price: € 15.90
  • Genre: mistery/thriller
  • Environment: Nice, Monaco, Ventimiglia
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“To see me in front of me seemed even more powerful. Face marked, worried. After all, no one with a serene soul ever comes to talk to me.”

“I say that every business involves killings. Men, women, children, old people, animals, oceans, forests, humid, whole regions… We at least kill a few people at a time.”

Nice, French Riviera. Sea, sun, villas immersed in greenery and wealth. Places where luxury is part of the typical day. But where money is so widespread there are also those of that money who go hunting by all means, especially if it is illicit. It is a greedy and fierce hunt that fears no obstacles. Pierre Garosse and Alex Ferron, popular players of oCG Nice, also fall into one of the traps, getting into trouble by selling a game. Ferron died after four days in a car accident on the road from La Turbie to Munich. Garosse, repentant and full of fear, is convinced that it is murder and asks for the help of Marc Maréen. Marc Maréen, known as Chil, has a complicated past but has long changed his life and has two fortunes: a conspicuous legacy and a relative among the bigmen of the National Gendarmerie. Trying to understand something about the matter, Maréen will face a number of dangerous, confusing, and certainly not legal circumstances. He will come across various characters, including a man at the head of a criminal association and a woman who came into the world to be loved. Maréen moves seemingly instinctively, in fact he is more rational than he can perceive. What seems to arise from his unconsciousness will give events a boost to the solution.

Moran Beaumer

After an important and pointless degree in Economics, he spent three embarrassing years in the Foreign Legion. Come home with confused ideas. Try scattered things and then find yourself at a copywriter’s desk. Meanwhile, with a collaboration that endures for fifteen years, he writes articles and stories for the group Condé Nast. In 2010 the old advertising goes into crisis, you save yourself only by changing skin, but it is not his case. After the award-winning debut of Se incontri qualcuno digli che io sono qui (If you meet someone tell him that I’m here) (WLM 2013) and the successful stage adaptation The Turn, this is his third novel.

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