MUSICAL 80 by Nicola Gervasini

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  • On the cover: Jukebox 80, photographic work by Nicola Gervasini, with the contribution of Roberto Pasqua, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382331
  • Pages: 206
  • Language: Italian
  • Cover Price: .17.00
  • Gender: mistery, detective novel
  • Environment: Urbino, Fossombrone, Rome, Varese, Gallarate
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“Commissioner, spare me cultural sociology. The eighties were a parenthesis, a moment of lucid and colorful madness before a new depression…” 80s: the years of plastic music, of actresses in soft-erotic films, of splatter, of politicians ready to grab everything before the earthquake of Clean Hands and the economic crisis of the 1990s. Years viewed with suspicion by everyone, but not by Commissioner Paolo Manfredi, forced to rummage through the true essence of that decade to solve his first murder case. Musical 80, an opera about music and costumes of the time, is being staged at the Teatro Sanzio, when one of the actresses is found dead in her apartment in Fossombrone. Manfredi embarks on a journey through the life of a former actress known as Zara Blacks. A route from Urbino and its alleys reaches up to the living rooms of Roman politicians and the walls of the Fortress of San Leo. Listless, superficial, not always politically correct, and with an obvious conflict to resolve with the female world, Manfredi, originally from Varese, is a man who lives with the regret of a career as a writer never really attempted, a marriage just failed , and a daily commitment not to fall into stereotypes. The same ones that have long conditioned the vision of a decade that perhaps was not so frivolous and light-hearted.

Nicola Gervasini

Nicola Gervasini (Varese, 1972) has written regularly about music since 1992 for various newspapers and industry websites (Wild Pile, The Buscadero, Rootshighway, FilmTV). In 2009 his short story The Gun received the Special Critic’s Nomination at the MEI Rock Notebook Competition. In 2010 he published Rolling Vietnam – Radio-graph of a War (Pacini Publisher), a historical novel lived through the songs that told the Story of the Vietnam War. With Musical 80 (WLM 2017) he enters the world of mistery.


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