L’OPPORTUNISTA by Giovanni Barlocco

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  • On the cover: The navigating city, a photographic work by Giovanni Barlocco, a private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382263
  • Pages 342
  • Language: Italian
  • Cover Price : 17.00
  • Gender: mistery/thriller/detective novel
  • Environment: Genoa, Chiavari, Milan
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The walkway led to another building, facing, on the opposite side, to the side of the hill, clinging to the olive grove that descended to other houses and interrupted at the gray wound of Aurelia, and then continued, to the sea. That little house was an authentic Ligurian archetype: hidden, complicated to reach and precious in an unimaginable way, like a pearl in the oyster. It seems that an old ghost has reappeared, in Genoa, on a dark November morning. A double murder, claimed by an anarchist cell, abruptly awakens tragic memories. A German bank is being targeted as a symbolic responsible for an Italy in crisis. Renzo Parodi and Salvatore Marotta immediately begin an investigation that will lead them, on a winding track full of insity, to Milan. As the victims increase, in an unpredictable and bloody crescendo, the two friends find themselves increasingly alone to seek the truth against appearances and their own colleagues. But Renzo Parodi has a hard, black and hard head and, as a black Genoese policeman, he uses privileged access and a special sensitivity to what is different from the norm. He will thus be able to point out a path, which no one would have thought to seek, towards an unthinkable revelation, but he will have to pay a price to his own conscience. Giovanni Barlocco in this noir/thriller expertly alternates moments of work and family life able to give the reader intense and intimate emotions, in the best tradition of Italian mistery.

Giovanni Barlocco

Giovanni Barlocco was born in Genoa on February 13, 1955. Classic high school and a competitive career in water polo are his youth. He made his acting debut in the Company of the Theatre of Cough. He then became author and director: Naufraghi, Affari De Famigge are some of his works in the Genoese dialect; Angelo Mio, Bomba, Giallalizing, Zavist and Crazy Horse, a true legend some of those in Italian. He debuted in fiction with the novel The Crimes of B Pride (Liberodiwrite 2008), followed by Usually The Fish Don’t Die Drowned (Liberodiwrite 2009), Illegitimate Suspicion (Liberodiwrite 2010), Innocence Is the Virtue of the Dead (Free in 2012 ). L’Opportunista (WLM 2015) is his fifth mistery novel. Also in 2015 he is among the winners of the Ag Noir literary competition in Andora with the short stories Bambi and An Easy Shot.

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