L’OMICIDIO BAUER by Daniele Torquati

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  • On the cover: The search for the solution, photographic work by Daniele Torquati, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382348
  • Pages: 172
  • Cover Price: € 15.90
  • Gender: mistery/detective novel
  • Environment: Bologna, Granarolo, Kiev, Nordhausen, Messina, Palermo, Pisa, Grosseto
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“He seemed calm, quiet. But hell burned in his eyes.” Bauer is a 94-year-old photographer who, during World War II, followed the advance of German troops into the Soviet Union. He keeps an archive of that tragedy, which he now wants to make public. The disappearance of Raisa, a Ukrainian carer united with Bauer by an undefined relationship, is a case entrusted to the Ferrari inspector of the Mobile Team of the Bologna Police. A man’s body is found. As PM, a charming young woman, overseeing the investigation. The mystery deepens when elements of foreign intelligence services appear as part of the investigation. Ferrari will travel to Sicily to travel to Sicily where the support of the RIS of the Carabinieri will help him to untangle the skein around absurd deaths. In this detective-thriller with noir traits, Daniele Torquati immerses us in a reading from which it is difficult to take our eyes off. A quality jury and a popular jury wanted him to win the 2017 Independent Yellow Prize, unpublished section.

Daniele Torquati

Daniele Torquati worked in radio throughout the 1990s. Writer, actor, screenwriter, director and videomaker since the 80s. Between 1995 and 2009 he made 25 short films: he is particularly fond of comedies A Pisa fan in Livorno (2000) and Wotto Wotto (2004); In 2006 he was awarded the special fratelli Taviani award for the Tuscan landscape at the Tuscan Tales Festival for the documentary Same Place, Portrait; In 2007 he won the Best Director award at the Joe D’Amato Horror Festival with the dramatic short Film The Indistinct Form. He began writing detective-yellow shorts and novels in 2007, with participation in numerous national literary competitions. Stories are published in the anthologies of the finalists at different festivals. In 2012 he won the 3rd prize in the Author’s Crime competition with the unpublished novel Nadar.In 2016 the 1st unpublished prize at the same competition with the novel Black Leaves. In 2017 he won the 1st prize with the unpublished novel L’omicidio Bauer (WLM 2017) at the Premio Giallo Indipendente.

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