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  • On the cover: Masticaferro, oil on canvas by Francesco Soldi, photography by Sandro Michahelles, graphic reworking by Andrea Gatti, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382447
  • Pages: 200
  • Cover price: € 17.00
  • Language: Italian
  • Genre: noir / thriller / detective story
  • Setting: Cortina d’Ampezzo, Milan.
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When he finally opened his eyes he found himself lying on the floor. Luigi was gone, Meggy was gone. And the cabin was on fire.

Cortina, 1 January 1968. A woman is murdered during a lysergic trip that ended badly. The Florentine commissioner Bombacci, who is on the spot for a short vacation and on the eve of a punitive transfer, is forced to deal with the case alone. Poor clues, zero tracks. Snow isolates the valley and time is running out. The matter is much more complex than expected: it does not know the new world that advances driven by the wind of youth protests. He knows little about the new substances that circulate in the alternative salons and little about the culture of the flower children and the LSD, in whose environment the crime was consummated: after nights spent in frost, deadly ambushes and corpses in the snow suddenly finds itself in a sea of trouble for having exceeded the limit imposed by his role. Forced to accept the help of Max, an unscrupulous secret service agent, he realizes that he is at a crossroads that will change his life forever: either be dishonorably expelled from the police or follow Max to hell. With little chance of return. An investigation at the dawn of the psychedelic revolution that will make normal what still seemed absurd.

Matteo Soldi

Matteo Soldi was born in Florence, where he lives with his wife and three children. After graduating from high school, a degree in economics, a military service as an officer in an Alpine troops department and a state exam, he worked as a chartered accountant in Florence for twelve years. The current occupation of administrator of a Tuscan-Venetian family group allows him to devote himself with greater commitment to the passion of all time: reading and writing. With the novel Cortina di Sangue, winner in May 2019 of the Yellow Independent Award section unpublished, it is at its first editorial experience “hard boiled”.

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