• On the cover: Dario Gazziero's suitcase, digital retouching of b / w photography.
  • ISBN: 9788890476853
  • Pages: 200
  • Cover price: € 14.00
  • Genre: contemporary literature / noir
  • Setting: Sicily
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Eight September of 1993, Salvatore, a seventy year old who lives in a small town in the Molise Apennines, finds himself reading the newspaper sitting at the bar of his town square. His attention is drawn to the title of an article on the fiftieth anniversary of the Cassibile armistice, which sanctioned the end of hostilities between Italy and the allied troops. The man cannot help but go over the memory of those summer days of '43, the last days as a soldier in a bunker on the coast of the Syracusan coast, his capture along with his fellow soldiers, his imprisonment and subsequent daring escape through the Sicilian countryside. He reviews the faces of the members of the peasant family who once hosted him for a few weeks, and then did everything to help him leave the island and return, after a long march, to his country of origin. In those fifty years he had never been able to return to Sicily to pay off such generosity, as he had promised himself the day he had taken leave of them. The memory of those moments convinces him to accept the invitation to the wedding of one of his nephews, who would have celebrated the following week in a town in the province of Syracuse: it is the right occasion to remedy his serious lack and to be able to pay for that which for years he had considered a debt of honor. In Sicily she manages to track down the woman, now more than eighty years old, who fifty years before with her husband had not hesitated to deprive herself of her few savings to allow Salvatore to return home. He also manages to track down Corrado, one of the couple's sons, who was eight years old at the time and who is now a veterinarian at a local health authority in a neighboring country. After staying for a few days his guest, he goes to the village where his nephew's wedding would have been celebrated and that's where a tragic news arrives …

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