FRAGMENTS OF A LOST I of Postremo Vate

  • On the cover: detail of the Pietà by Andrea Varca, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382003
  • Pages: 104
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  • Genre: poetry
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The Poet's Ego has "lost itself" in the depths of passion, betrayal, disillusionment and disappointment. In the verses, however, the irony of those who know how to smile at their own troubles winds. Multi-faceted playmaker, Postremo Vate in these Fragments of a lost ego, changes rhythm: short, urgent verses, flashes of feelings, moods, emotions, dreams, bewilderments gathered in immediate visions that strike and infect the reader.

Postremo Vate

Fabrizio Legger, aka Postremo Vate (Last poet) was born in Pinerolo (TO) on 06/04/1964. A graduate in Modern Literature, a publicist, he is editor of the pages of culture and foreign policy of the weekly newspaper Il Monviso, he was a columnist for the weekly magazine Voci del Sud and director of the political magazine Comunitarismo di Roma. Art enthusiast, he exhibited his Mail Art works in numerous Italian and foreign cities. Postremo Vate is the author of numerous works in verse and prose: Diary of a poet (Filiberto Fioretti Editore 1992), Poesie Cristiane (AGV Torino 1995), Le Valli Incantate (Alzani 1997), Le Terre Fantastiche (Alzani 1998), Canti della mia soul and my land (Alzani 1999), Echoes of distant wars (Noctua 2000), The incredible wars (Noctua 2004), La Libertà betrayed. Satire and Misogallo in the last Alfieri (Noctua 2004), The flight of chimeras (Edizioni Nuovi Poeti 2005), Future Apocalypses (Elena Morea Editore 2005), Future Apocalypses (Edizioni Nuovi Poeti 2008), Nel gorgo dell'abisso (Edizioni Nuovi Poeti 2008), Palpiti d'Eros (Arduino Sacco 2008), All'ombra del Parnaso (Edizioni Nuovi Poeti 2009), Daughters of Minor Muses (GDS 2009), The moody balloon and other little poems (Neos 2010), Cry of revolt (Hogwords 2010), The Scudiscio of Apollo (Noctua 2010), Fantastic Dialogues (GDS 2010), Fragments of a Lost I (WLM 2011).

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