LA VISITA by Franco Cadenasso

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  • On the cover: La visita (The visit), oil on canvas applied on the table of Silvestror Lega, Rome, National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. Granted by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities
  • ISBN: 9788897382430
  • Pages: 172
  • Cover Price: € 15.90
  • Gender: Historical novel
  • Environment: Piagentina, Curtatone, Genoa, Marseille, Savigliano, Arona, Stelvio Pass, Florence, Talamone, Marsala, Calatafimi, Cianciana, Palermo, Gaeta, Castellaneta
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«… now you have to save something more important.” “And what’s more important?” “Existence, mate. The meaning of existence.” The meeting between the painter Silvestro Lega and the woman from the red shale depicted in the painting The Visit is an opportunity to reconstruct the resurgent events through those of a character who, although of invention, has been the protagonist. William, animated by a fiery patriotic spirit, in the spring of 1848 leaves with the Tuscan university volunteers and, ten years later, volunteers among the Hunters of Garibaldi. But in the meantime, within him there has been a painful doubt that the purity of the resurgent ideals has been betrayed by the interests of the power that those ideals are used. He will confirm this during the enterprise of the Thousand and then at unification that took place, when he will understand that the liberation of the south of Italy was in fact the colonization of those lands by the Sabaudo Kingdom. He returned to the South to look for the woman he loves, witnesses the violence suffered by the submissive population and will be accused of connivance with the Brigantes.

Franco Cadenasso

Franco Cadenasso was born in Genoa in 1951. In 1994 the screenplay for the feature film The Friend of Prague was awarded by the Ministry of Entertainment. Franco Cadenasso has published several short stories, some of them winners of literary competitions. He has collaborated for a few years as an author in fiction magazines of Mondadori and the quadratum publishing house. In 2010 he published the novel Tiny, a mystery of the seaside city (Free Forms). In 2014, the story The Road to The Rust Bolts was included in the anthology Remote Future (Energheia). In 2018 he won the Premio Il Romanzo Storico (Historical Novel Award) with the unpublished La Visita (WLM 2019).

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