• On the cover: Another windy day, photographic work by Lorenzo Borghi, private collection.
  • Inside: illustrations of …
  • ISBN: 9788897382140
  • Pages: 112
  • Cover price: € 13.70
  • Genre: mountain stories
  • Setting: Febbio di Villa Minozzo RE, Monte Cusna
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… a different perspective and a new modernity. Then the path to oblivion can become a path to the future.

The path to oblivion is a short novel, a popular fairy tale and at the same time a denunciation text. It stands out for its ability to enter into the everyday life of the most humble people and for the simplicity of the language. It is the attempt to recover an era that is now over. The mountain is at the center of everything, with its nature, the plants built by man and forgotten as empty cans on the roadside. We speak of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and in particular of Mount Cusna; of mountain traditions: arts and crafts; of building speculation; of sports and rumors and much more. You will find in the reading a pleasant swing between historical facts of national and world importance and the history of the fictional characters, deeply intertwined. The common thread is the stories, those told orally for generations, stories that have the capacity to entertain but that always contain a fund of truth, to teach something. To learn from the mistakes of the past.

Paolo Medici

Paolo Medici was born on 24 September 1984 in Scandiano and lives in Febbio di Villa Minozzo. Since he was a child he was taken to the mountain by his father, who gave him love and respect for places. And the passion for popular stories also comes from the mountains. He began with The path to oblivion (WLM 2013) positively received by the Gazzetta di Reggio. I'm not leaving is his second literary test, among the winners of the Cinque Terre Prize – Gulf of Poets announced in 2014 by the Literary Cenacle of Aulla in the unpublished category.

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