• On the cover: Childhood memories, photographic work by Salvatore Farina, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382096
  • Pages 168
  • Cover price: € 13.70
  • Genre: training novel
  • Setting: Milanese and Bergamo province
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The warm kiss that returns on a face, mine, consumed in the failed attempt to contain … Contain and circumscribe, keep within the years. There is something you feel reading this text that is difficult to translate into words. Pietro Allevi, in this The goldfish when they laugh, gives us a novel with strong colors, and exasperated contrasts. Immediately capture the reader and guide him into a world of characters deeply immersed in their life experience. in this sense, three worlds coexist, juxtaposed, that the main character, Diego, struggles to keep separate. Diego is thus the crossroads of three lives that tries to interpret each one as if the others did not exist. Pietro Allevi uses words as strong brushstrokes, loving contrasts; blades of light that pierce solitude more than darkness. A nice book that holds in your hand like a friend you don't want to abandon. An experience that will certainly leave a trace in the reader.

Pietro Allevi

Pietro Allevi was born on December 19, 1984. Since 2005 he has been working in a bookshop. In 2009 he won the Italo Calvino – Studiart Prize with the story Battito. Goldfish when they laugh (WLM 2013) is his first novel.

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