GIULIA E BASTA by Luca Jaselli

  • On the cover: detail from Sigaretta di Erica Casetta, photographic work, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382027
  • Pages: 240
  • Cover price: € 16.00
  • Genre: introspection novel
  • Setting: Milan
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"Mine is just a destiny borrowed, which I don't understand today and I don't want anymore. I don't recognize anything around me, this isn't the real me, I have to get my time back, I'll do it. From tomorrow I will delete all versions of me and I will be just Giulia. Giulia is enough. "Giulia's character is just a woman we can meet every day on the bus, at the supermarket, and perhaps, with the inattentive look of someone who thinks of her own things, we won't notice her as she passes by. She is married, works and does all those things that many people do every day, but where apparently there is nothing to say or to observe Luke gives us a new angle, a view that we could not possibly have imagined at first glance. History therefore follows the path of a discovery, page after page, of Giulia, of her world, of her fears, but also of her friendships that resemble many common friendships, equal to those that each of us cultivates, attends, but that they become in Giulia and the privileged instrument is enough to reveal other deep details of the soul of the protagonist. The flow of his thoughts will become yours to involve you in a sort of overlap of intent and will that will let you share his life and his choices until the last page.

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