GAIA AND THE WORLD OF LA by Andrea Mattioli

  • On the cover: Shadows and lights in Milan, graphic work by Andrea Gatti, private collection.
  • ISBN: 9788897382454
  • Pages: 334
  • Cover price: € 19.00
  • Genre: psychological novel, love novel.
  • Setting: Milan
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Five-letter doubt: sex or love?

Matteo Brusco, a successful fifty-year-old lawyer in Milan, has serious problems: he drinks, he takes drugs, he is dependent on sex. He does not know love, the one with a capital A even if he lives with Elisa, a blonde with whom he has two children who study abroad. Matteo is sick with anhedonia, a psychological disorder that does not allow him to fully appreciate anything. He has a psychiatrist friend, but he prefers those of another friend to his advice: Jack Daniel's. One evening, because of a business meeting, he meets Gaia: his deep black eyes upset his soul. A few days later, a client of his dies under mysterious circumstances and the novel turns yellow and twists. Andrea Mattioli offers us the intimate and shocking story, with a fast rhythm, of the fall to the underworld of Matthew, a stereotype of the Lombard of today, where Love seems to be the only foothold for the beginning of a ascent and a possibility of redemption.

Andrea Mattioli

Andrea Mattioli lives and works in the province of Modena. In the past he wrote and sang his own experiences with a rock band; loose the group decides to use the inspiration in more complex thoughts. After The Mystery of the Okapi (Free Forms 2016), Gaia and the world beyond (WLM 2019) is his second novel, but it will not stop: it is already working on the next.

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