CUBAN MEETINGS by Angelo Bruzzone

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  • ISBN: 9788897382119
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  • Genre: costume novel
  • Setting: Cuba
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How many different ways a woman has, by dancing, to make a man understand that she wants him; the complete abandonment of the body that makes its sides descend against yours, caresses on the nape of the hair, the chest rubbing on you with hard nipples, legs that intertwine between yours and touch your groin . We cannot pretend that we have not understood and the desire to make love rises to the point that it is impossible to hide it. When I approached this text I was captivated by a word: Cuba. This sound evoked stereotyped images, Che, Bodeguita del Medio, Lider Maximo, rum, cigars and everything a place so recalls. But Angelo Bruzzone, with this Cuban Encounters, managed to do what normally fails at all, scratch the stereotype crust, the cliché and get to the substance, in this case of a place.

The protagonist, Franco, retraces his travels to Cuba. Over the course of a lifetime he comes back three times and every time he brings back something new and unexpected. Far from moving like the normality of all-inclusive tourists, Franco lives Cuba, its people, knows it, frequents it, has sex and gets emotionally involved. It is something more than the story of three journeys, it is the contamination that places have left inside him and that have irreparably changed it. This is what this full-bodied book tells us, basically the man who lets himself be attracted by a place, convinced to conquer it, to make it his own, even if only ideally, and which instead remains in its turn incorporated. Like an insect trapped in amber, the protagonist lets himself be entwined by the coils of a wonderful Cuba, made up of beautiful women, long drinking of rum and parties until morning. Wonderful and terrible fish, hurricanes that shake the landscape but also the mind of those who must face them.

This is what Bruzzone wants to tell us in this book: that places can change us, make us better and bring to light the best of ourselves, but that we also give something to the places we go through: the love and strength that pushed us to there. The mechanism is in two directions, we change the place where we walk, and the place changes us, and so we change so we will change the landscape all around, in a continuous motion and without solution.

Angelo Bruzzone

Angelo Bruzzone was born in Genoa in 1946 and currently lives in Italy. Mechanical engineer, he has worked in the industrial sector in large companies, as a designer, project manager, manager and general manager, residing in various countries of the world. As a freelancer he carried out trading and consulting activities. Recently he has come to literature, which he has always felt to be his true vocation. Incontri Cubani (WLM 2013) is his second work. Xenia follows. The player (Siline 2014).

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