TRAVEL WOMEN by Silvana Adami

  • On the cover: detail from the Russian coaster by Silvana Adami, photographic reworking.
  • ISBN: 9788897382041
  • Pages: 192 Cover price: € 14.00
  • Genre: female themed stories
  • Setting: Verona, New York, Corleone
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"Franca! Look at that loser that plane, can you imagine those who have to get in? We hope they made a will!" I told my colleague, while the van of the Orio al Serio airport was accompanying us to the plane leaving for Bakau, Romania. "Madam," a man who was close to us intervened with a resigned voice, "that's our plane." When I started reading Traveling women by Silvana Adami I didn't think I would come to ask myself this question: why do we travel? Here, between these pages, as in the most successful coast to coast novels, Silvana forces us to rethink the meaning of traveling. Apparently the protagonists of this book travel for work, tourism, for escape, but in this case, as readers, we must think about what luggage we will take with us and, above all, if we will return changed or always the same. The journey thus becomes a mannequin on which the dress of the narration is laid which is sewn onto the protagonists of the stories. It is the Ariadne's thread of the labyrinth of the human soul of these stories that transforms the landscape and drags lives down to the extreme. The language is direct, frank, with a pressing rhythm. The reader is so captivated that he almost forgets that he is reading words printed on a blank page. The situation has changed: he is no longer sitting and reading, but listening. The four protagonists of Travel Women materialize in our mind and we begin inexorably to follow them. To take sides, to suffer with them, but also to laugh. They become friends we care about. "Filo" conductor of fashion stories, or rather tailoring. As if using needle and thread, in fact, Silvana Adami, sews the stories on her protagonists using tailoring as a metaphor for the self, for self-determination of the protagonists. The reader of Travel Women, at the end of the book, will feel nostalgic for what she has read. I'm sure. He will want a fifth story and will wonder why only four stories and not five or more. But above all, I believe, he will know that the answer to the initial question is: "to understand". That's why you travel.

Silvana Adami

Silvana Adami was born in the second half of the sixties and has always lived in the province of Verona. He has been working for a long time in the fashion world, not the glossy catwalk, but where the Made in Italy dress is designed, designed and built in concrete. He made his debut with Donne da corsa (Booksprint 2011) using as a pseudonym Francesca Amici. Donne da viaggio (WLM 2012) is his second collection of short stories. Subsequently the essay Poohrenoi comes out. Real stories of fans (Sassoscritto 2013) and the novel The cute girls always have a plan B (Sassoscritto 2013).

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