FROM THE EPIRO TO THE APENNINE by Giuseppe Roberto Tinelli

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  • ISBN: 9788897382164
  • Pages 274
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  • Genre: introspection novel / costume novel
  • Setting: Piacenza and province
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"Everything is absurd" I said to myself. "What is life? What am I? What is the use of living?" They say: "Why tribulate so much that tomorrow we all go to Cassano?" The novel tells the story of men and women who are the last of the last. The characters are all, in their own way, the protagonists. In the mountains of Epirus as well as those of Morocco and the Apennines, these men struggle and suffer for survival. Giuseppe Roberto Tinelli offers us a Dantesque purgatory animated by characters from various modern eras, who tell each other their own painful experiences in the earthly experience. What remains to man of all his anxiety, of all his struggles and labors? If we look closely at this, we are all destined to succumb and not just the characters in the book, who, even though they are the last, are the strongest. However the man chooses, he cannot escape pain and his works are in vain. But a light shines at the end of the journey of life. It is the light of hope that makes us see a green valley where every tear will be dried.

Giuseppe Roberto Tinelli

Giuseppe Roberto Tinelli was born in Piacenza and lives in Milan. Married, with five children, a graduate in literature, after having spent over thirty years working in the credit sector, he retired to private life to devote himself to teaching and writing. He teaches philosophy and English in various schools. This is his second book.

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