I DO NOT ME NEAR YOU by Paolo Medici

  • On the cover: illustration by Andrea Gatti, private collection.
  • Inside: illustrations by Mauro Moretti.
  • ISBN: 9788897382232
  • Pages: 176
  • Cover price: € 15.90
  • Genre: mountain stories
  • Setting: Febbio di Villa Minozzo RE, Monte Cusna, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana LU, Lucca
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Osvaldo, who had gone to Villa Minozzo to buy something for the tavern, seeing Zito for the piazza alone, had been the first to worry about Fernando's fate. He had started asking around the country if anyone had seen him, but nobody knew anything. Everyone started looking for him for a few hours without result. So the poor disconsolate host took Zito and led him to Febbio. The dismay of the people was high, in the village such a thing had never happened before. Giuseppe and Fernando are two young shepherds who bring their flocks to graze on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine meadows around Mount Cusna every morning during the warmer months. They live in Febbio, a fraction of Villa Minozzo, in the Reggio area. At home, however, there is a difficult family climate, as his father, Renzo, often returns drunk and mistreats Palmina, the mother of the two boys and the newly born Caterina. Fernando decides to leave home to make his fortune elsewhere. With the complicity of a merchant, and the silence of his brother, he goes away. For him a new life begins, an adventure that will see him descend from the mountains through the Garfagnana to reach and settle in Lucca, leaving a deep wound in the soul of the family of origin. Thus begins the story of two young lives that will develop in parallel, Joseph faithful to his mountains will follow the teachings of his grandfather Erminio, Fernando those of Anna working in his tavern. I'm not leaving, he tells the conflict between life in the mountains and the one in the city, between love for his origins and the desire for adventure in man. In the hearts of the two young people, that fracture of the family unit, only apparently dormant, will remain for a long time. Many years later something changes …

Paolo Medici

Paolo Medici was born on 24 September 1984 in Scandiano and lives in Febbio di Villa Minozzo. Since he was a child he was taken to the mountain by his father, who gave him love and respect for places. And the passion for popular stories also comes from the mountains. He began with The path to oblivion (WLM 2013) positively received by the Gazzetta di Reggio. I'm not leaving is his second literary test, among the winners of the Cinque Terre Prize – Gulf of Poets announced in 2014 by the Literary Cenacle of Aulla in the unpublished category.

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