2019 Independent Fiction Prize Finalists

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2019 Independent Fiction Prize Finalists

According to the unquestionable judgment of the Quality Jury (in alphabetical order of the works)

Section A

  • Loving care of Nina Doli (NA)
  • The equilibrist chameleon. Osteria with accommodation by Giovanni Ardemagni (VA)
  • Chiara Giudici (VA) raft in the cathedral
  • Plissé by Giulio Irneari (BG)
  • If … by Sergio Pozzi (BO)

Section B

  • Kick the life of Renzo Caracciolo (AT)
  • Where the heart takes root by Gabriela Pannia (MB)
  • The Velix Code by Maria Grazia Di Marzio (RM)

The remaining novels did not reach sufficiency or were disqualified and therefore excluded from the ranking and from the publication.

Section C

  • Extinction by Fabrizio Graziani (RM)
  • The secret on the full moon night by Luigino Vador (PN)
  • Roberto Masini's Finnish (AL)
  • A night with the ghost of Antonello Faimali (PC)
  • Few drops of ink by Luisa Catapano (TA)
  • I dream of going to Paris by Antonietta Guadagno (TO)
  • Start up by Enrico Strappetti (RM)
  • Near the river of Giuseppe Borasi (CO) – Gianluca Ongaro (AL)

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