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Yellow Independent Award Winners 2019

According to the unquestionable judgment of the Quality Jury:

Section A

  1. Alessandro Orofino (RM) – Giuseppe Delle Vergini (FI) with the novel Colorful of yellow edged with red
  2. Angela Borghi (VA) with the novel Che domenica bestiale
  3. He didn't show up
  4. He didn't show up
  5. Maurizio Castellani with the Dakar novel

Section B

  1. Matteo Soldi (FI) with the novel Cortina di sangue
  2. 2. Adriana Salvin (UD) with the novel All the breaths of Villa Estate
  3. It didn't show up
  4. He didn't show up

Section C

  • 1. Francesca Santi (LI) with the story Cena con delitto
  • 2. He didn't show up
  • 3. Giuseppe Borasi (CO) – Gianluca Ongaro (AL) with the story Rapsodia in gray
  • 4. Fabio Massa (AL) with the story A case for Giorgio
  • 5. Chiara Alaia (BO) with the story Smell of bitter almonds
  • 6. Fulvio Rombo (IM) with the story La malavita
  • 7. Raffaella La Villa (NO) with the story The shadow of the clouds
  • 8. Carlo Musso (RM) with the story Fil rouge

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